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Where MLD Therapists Gain Confidence & Success Working With Postop Patients Through CPD Accredited Training

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After struggling to feel confident working with postop patients for years, all the long hours, hard work and training I invested in, eventually paid off. What started as a quest to conquer my own fears and insecurities turned into a successful career that helped hundreds of my patients recover optimally after their plastic surgery. Now I am able to help you step into who you really are so you too can confidently show up to successfully help patients recover like never before. By combining my knowledge working as a Postop Therapist, Lymphoedema Therapist, Scar Tissue Therapist and Holistic Lifestyle Coach, the AFTERCARE ACADEMY was born, so you can bypass those 20 years I spent gathering all this important knowledge. 

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After completing the advanced training, my clients could feel the confidence in my touch.

Jessica Saylor

Erin Daly

I’ve seen a transformation in every aspect of my postop business. Thank you, Petra!

Petra is a brilliant teacher! And this training shows the vast knowledge and experience she has.

Nic Kenworthy

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Anatomy of the Lymphatic System

You may already know about the lymphatic system. But, do you know what happens to it during surgery and how it is affected during each stage of your patient's recovery? After this easy to follow, self-study training you will learn everything you need to know about the lymphatic system and how it is affected during and after surgery. And, how the delicate balance between extracellular and interstitial fluid can be disrupted, dysregulated and compromised.

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Advanced Training for Manual Lymph Drainage Therapists (CPD Accredited)

If you are an MLD therapist new to working with postop patients, then this training is for you! By the end of this course, you will have a comprehensive and in-depth understanding of every aspect of postop recovery. You will discover that the Lymphatic system is the star performer, weaving it's way through wound healing, scar formation, fibrosis and some of the common complications you will encounter. This training is unique in it's format and covers not only the theory you need to know but also practical things like postop MLD protocols, business advice, treatment strategies and, home care tips for your patients.

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I understand investing in training can be costly. So, if you're not ready to make that investment just yet but need some support and advice, come and join my Facebook Group. This group is dedicated to helping postop therapists like you. It's a safe place to ask questions and meet other therapists. Plus, I share lots of useful free information that will help you in your practice.

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