I've worked in healthcare for 20 years!

And, have worked alongside some of the UK's leading specialists in the areas of Oncology, Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Plastic Surgery



When I started working with postop plastic surgery patients back in 2010, I felt out of my depth! Yes, I was a qualified lymphoedema therapist but working with postop patients was a whole different ball game!


Despite all my training in Complete Decongestive Therapy, Manual Lymph Drainage and Scar Tissue Therapy, I felt overwhelmed (and often worried) that the treatment I gave someone who had just been through the massive trauma of a plastic surgery procedure might in fact be detrimental to their recovery. Not helping it. 

However fortunately, I was working in London Bridge Plastic Surgery where the lead surgeon and clinical nurse specialist were always at hand to answer my queries, to allay my fears and give me confidence that I WAS benefiting patient recovery, optimising and enhancing the results of their procedure.


Now, after almost 20 years of working in healthcare alongside some of the United Kingdom's leading specialists in the fields of Oncology, Dermatology, Lymphoedema, Venous Disease and of course Plastic and Reconstructive surgery, I have put ALL that combined knowledge and experience together into an advanced, online and in-person training to help other Manual Lymph Drainage therapists starting out in the postop industry gain confidence so they too can have success treating postop plastic surgery patients.

Since 2006 I've helped 1000's of people manage their lymphoedema and recover better after a Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery procedure.

Through working in two of London's biggest teaching hospitals and in private practice, with cosmetic, plastic and venous surgeons in the renowned Harley Street area of London, I gained extensive experience (and knowledge) treating patients in those fields.

In 2011, I introduced Manual Lymph Drainage and postop recovery services to London Bridge Plastic Surgery in Wimpole Street, London. This was the first clinic in UK to offer these specialist treatments on-site to all their surgical patients.

Seeing a need for a clinic specialising in offering treatment for postop plastic surgery patients and lymphoedema, in 2015 I set up Medical Therapies London Ltd based in the Harley Street Breast Clinic, London and The Bridge Clinic in Maidenhead where I had regular direct referrals from a range of consultant surgeons in Oncology, Plastics and Venous Disease.

If you're a therapist, let me guide you towards confidence and clarity so you provide 100% effective and safe treatment for your patients.


If you're a patient, let me guide you through a better recovery, enhancing and optimising the results of your cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure.

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