I've worked in healthcare for 20 years!

And, have worked alongside some of the UK's leading specialists in the areas of Oncology, Lymphoedema, Lipoedema and Plastic Surgery



I started my healthcare journey in 2003 as a Sports Massage Therapist. However, I didn't want to be 'just' a massage therapist. I wanted to specialise in helping people recover better after surgery.

In 2006 I completed training in Postoperative and Post-Trauma Scar Massage through the Centre for Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery and The School of Orthopaedic Massage and Bodywork in Ann Arbor, Michigan. This training was developed especially for me! So, there is no one else in the world with the same training. As part of the training I had to learn about the lymphatic system, so completed Bruno Chikly's Lymph Drainage Therapy parts 1 & 2.

Wanting to learn more about the wonders of the lymphatics, I completed my MLD/CDT certification through Klose Training in 2008 and every two years since then, I've attended the renownded Foeldi Clinic in Germany to complete my Advanced and Review update training.

From 2011 until 2015, I worked in the Lymphoedema department of St Georges University Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust and Ealing Hospital of London North West University Healthcare NHS Trust.

In 2012, I introduced and integrated MLD into post-surgical care package of London Bridge Plastic Surgery, the first plastic surgery in UK to offer MLD on-site to all their surgical patients.

In 2015 I set up my own private practices based in the London Breast Clinic, Harley Street and The Bridge Clinic, Maidenhead, Berkshire working with both lymphoedema and postop patients. I worked with BMI Princess Margaret Hospital, The Parapet Breast Clinic and plastic, cosmetic and venous surgeons like Dr Lawrence Kirwen, Dennis Wolf, Mike Commins and Professor Mark Whitely.

Now, I'm back in my home town of Killyleagh on the shores of beautiful Strangford Lough and put together this training for you.

EVERYTHING you learn in this training is genuine and based on years of broad and varied experience.

I've worked in healthcare since 2003 and from 2006 helped 1000's of people manage their lymphoedema and recover better after a Cosmetic or Plastic Surgery procedure.
I've worked in the NHS in two of London's biggest teaching hospitals and in private practice, with cosmetic, plastic and venous surgeons in the renowned Harley Street area of London.
I introduced  MLD and postop recovery services to London Bridge Plastic Surgery in 2011, the first clinic in UK to offer these specialist treatments to all their surgical patients.
In 2015 I set up Medical Therapies London Ltd where I provided effective and efficient bespoke care to postop and lymphoedema patients. 
If you're a therapist, I can share my vast knowledge and extensive experience to help you gain confidence in providing 100% safe treatment for your patients.
If you're a patient, I'll help you recover better, by optimising your recovery process and enhancing the results of your cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure.