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Since doing the training I have a better overall understanding of post-op care so I feel more confident with patients. There was a good mix of theoretical but also practical learning but my favourite part of the course was watching the different plastic surgeries. Just amazing. The training is perfect for a lymphatic drainage massage therapist who wants to be able to expand their services and offer something more advanced, more medical perhaps but also add lots of value to patients (in addition to surgeons). My advice to you would be: Do it. It is worth every penny


I was anxious that I might not be helping the client to the standard I wanted. I loved the treatment protocols for specific surgical procedures as I needed help with this. Petra always responded quickly to any questions I had and gave great feedback to any comments posted below each lesson. The content was easy to follow and I loved her drawings while talking! They helped a lot. If you’re looking for a postop training, do this one. I 100% enjoyed the experience.


Anyone interested in post op recovery should do this training. The depth at which we dug into the topics was awesone. My CDT training covered a lot of this but I felt like we really blew by so much of it. This training raises the bar for all of us. Its obvious Petra wants to uplift the standards of our industry. If you're considering doing further postop training, do this one. By the end of the training my confidence was vastly increased. I know now I can be a valid and valued part of the recovery care team and not just an island outside of it.