Do you suffer with swelling? 

I help women aged 30 - 60 reduce swelling caused by surgery, trauma, infection or cancer through bespoke treatment plans based on your individual needs.



Discover how the right holistic health-care tools can maximize your healing potential. Petra helps middle aged women reduce the stress and discomfort caused by lymphoedema, lipoedema or plastic surgery through providing a holistic, bespoke approach to treatment based on each individual person's needs.

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I understand every person is different!

But, no matter what your condition, you will have all of the following included in your treatment:

  • Lymphatic Massage Therapy to help reduce your swelling
  • Nutrition Advice to improve your healing
  • Compression Advice to maintain swelling reduction
  • Relaxation Techniques to reduce the stress caused by your condition

Your treatment plan is devised with YOU in mind; your condition, your needs, your treatment.


If you landed on this page, chances are you are ready to take control of your life.

You have certainly come to the right place!

I will help you manage your condition and take back control so you have a better quality of life.

You will get the Gold Standard of care for you and your condition.


Are you a woman aged between 30 and 60 and feel overwhelmed and stressed after being diagnosed with lymphoedema or lipoedema?

Have you recently had surgery and/or treatment for breast cancer and are scared you might get lymphoedema?

Or, are you planning on having a cosmetic or plastic surgery procedure and want to ensure you get the BEST result from your investment?

If you answered YES, then you are in the right place!

With 20 years experience working in healthcare as a certified lymphoedema therapist, scar tissue therapist and holistic lifestyle coach, I will guide you so you take back control of your life.

I meet you wherever YOU are on your health journey.

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Have you recently been diagnosed with lymphoedema and don't know how to best manage it? Have you recently had surgery for cancer and are worried about getting lymphoedema? Or, are you having persistent swelling and don't know why? Then let's chat and discuss your treatment options.


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If you are planning a plastic surgery procedure, it is just as important to plan your recovery. Book your call so we can discuss your procedure and I will recommend the number of lymphatic massage therapy sessions you need based on the procedure you are having

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After years of Yo-Yo dieting with no positive changes to your legs, you have discovered you have lipoedema. But what does that mean for your future? Book your call and we can discuss your treatment options. Or, if you have had or are planning liposuction, then let's get your postop lymphatic massage session booked.

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Roxy Moore

5 Stars for Petra!! I was lucky to be recommended Petra by my plastic surgeon. I truly believe my smooth and fast recovery was vastly down to Petra's treatments. She is not only a brilliant therapists but she is also a lovely person whom I felt completely comfortable with. Thanks again Petra.

Lucie Hughes

It is very difficult to find someone who does the correct lymphatic massages. I was so happy that I found Petra. She is truly amazing, very professional and understands your needs. I am having a course of treatments now and I already feel the benefit. Thank you Petra!

Gill Towell

Petra is Superb! My daughter has primary lymphoedema and to find Petra and to find that she is so professional and kind is really wonderful. The treatments she gives my daughter and the compression she has recommended, has completely changed the amount of swelling that builds up in her legs. Thank you Petra.

Are you ready to start taking control of your condition?


Learn more about your condition and how I help you take control


Lymphoedema (or lymphedema) is a chronic condition that often requires life-long management. Termed 'primary' or 'secondary', once you are given the right tools and guidance, you can take control of this condition and live a better quality of life.


Plastic Surgery Recovery

Having any surgical procedure causes immense trauma to the body, not only physically but psychologically too. Stress, anxiety and your lifestyle will have an effect on how you heal. I help you take control of your recovery process to optimise healing, enhancing the overall result of your procedure.



Lipoedema (or lipedema) is a fat disease that predominately affects women and no amount of dieting will reverse this disease. However, once you understand more about this condition and learn simple tools to manage it, you can take control and live a healthy, happy life.



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Previously available only to VIP clients! This 10 minute meditation provides Mind & Body Reset while jumpstarting your Self-Healing Journey. Perfect to listen to when you have your morning and afternoon coffee break.

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