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Lacking confidence and worrying about how to successfully treat Fibrosis?

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In this short online training you will learn:


What fibrosis is and how it occurs

There is a LOT of misinformation and misunderstanding regarding this increasingly common issue in our liposuction patients. In this guide you will be clear on what it is and what contributes to its occurance. No more guessing as to what fibrosis REALLY is.


Tips on how your patient can limit fibrosis

You will gain understanding of the various factors contributing to fibrosis. And, gain clarity on how YOU can help your patient reduce the possibility of it occuring.


Strategies to successfully treat fibrosis

There is no 'one-size-fits-all' approach to treating this complication because very patient is different. But, with ALL the correct information, and various strategies to treat this condition, you will have a more successful outcome to your treatments.


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You + This Online Training = everything you need for success in treating fibrosis!

Maybe you've thought: "Oh, I'll try this (use some 'body sculpting tools') to see if it works on this lumpy, bumpy stuff." 

Or maybe you are using some other type of deep massage but not achieving success for your patient!

When you complete this training, you will have ALL the knowledge required to understand WHY fibrosis occurs and why your treatment might in fact be contributing to MORE fibrosis, not helping reduce it.

Plus, I share with you, tips on how your patient can limit it's formation. And give you simple strategies you can use to treat it.

Say goodbye to fear and frustation and hello to clarity, confidence and success

  • Understand what contributes to the formation of fibrosis and how it occurs
  • Know exactly when it is safe to treat fibrosis and what treatment to do when you encounter it
  • Learn simple strategies to help your patient avoid it, and how best you can reduce it

A Note From Petra...

I have worked in healthcare for almost 20 years. Where has the time gone? When I started out working with postop patients, I was often scared that what I was doing wasn't actually helping. I would leave work wondering if my treatments had been detrimental to that patient. But, over the years I have gained a vast amount of knowledge from working alongside specialists in varying fields of expertise, from clincial nurse specialists, wound care specialists and fellow lymphoedema therapists, to consultant dermatologists, oncologists, vascular surgeons and plastic and reconstructive surgeons.

Throughout my career I have helped hundreds of patients improve their health and quality of life; from those who have had treatment and surgery for cancer, orthopaedic surgery or cosmetic, plastic and reconstructive surgery, to those that were born with a debilitating condition like lymphoedema or lipoedema.

Now, I want to share that knowledge and experience with YOU! This guide will help you on your journey in the postop industry so you become a leading light in treating patients with fibrosis. 

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Yours Today!


What you get:

  • 12 Individual Lessons
  • PDF Download
  • Self-Study (do it in your own time)
  • Discount off the Advanced Postop Treatment Training program

Here's What Students Are Saying...

Nic Kenworthy

I was so excited to get started on the training! I was really impressed with the quality and detail in it. Everything is explained in a way even an absolute beginner can understand. The platform is well laid out and easy to use. Petra has the skills to communicate her wealth of knowledge and experience, without it being overwhelming. A truly wonderful course Petra!

Erin Daly

Petra's training is excellent! I found it very easy to work through and the lessons were broken down into shorter, manageable videos. I enjoyed the visual aspect as I learn better this way, compared to just all words. And, having an assessment at the end of the module made me keep track of my learning. I feel so much more confident now working with postop patients.